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About Shawn Contento

Shawn Contento



When asking my clients about me, they are likely to tell you we are friends and it feels like it’s been that way for years. My goal is to build that friendship and relationship on a foundation of trust.


For most of my clients, the relationship began when I met with them at their kitchen table. It remains my favorite method for our first meeting – they tell me about their goals and dreams, and their home tells me about them. Often times they haven’t taken time to realize such things; they’ve been busy building a career, raising a family, and living life as it comes. All too soon, the family is raised, the career is set, and life slows down long enough to realize retirement is fast approaching. Now it’s time to sort out all the things they’ve put in place for that event, and determine what has to be done to secure their future. Other families are just beginning, so the habit of saving is in its infancy. Do we have enough life insurance? What are our plans for our children’s college? How much do we need to save for the future? I have so many questions this first meeting, and my clients are armed with a list of their own. Question by question, idea by idea, goals and plans emerge, and a friendship is born.


I made this career change in July, 2001. What a wonderful adventure this has been, and I anticipate many more to come. I am thankful for this opportunity, and each day I look forward to the new friends I haven’t yet met!